Hoe mogen we je helpen?

It is annoying that you have or have been involved in a damage, but we will help you immediately!

Anything can happen in daily life in terms of damage. It is therefore nice when you are helped quickly. Read this information carefully and make your choice. In general, please make sure to inform us on any incident you may have had, even if you do not want to claim on your policy. We aim to get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Some important steps:
  1. Gather all information
    In order to be able to handle your damage faster, we need as much information as possible about the damage, such as photos, etc.
  2. Report your damage as soon as possible
    You can report your damage via the options below for a quick damage settlement. Our damage handlers get to work

We will contact you as soon as possible

As soon as we receive the damage in order to complete all data if necessary. Of course you can always email us. Please fill in our contact form. You can also call us, especially in an emergency or if you have any further questions?

Legal aid

If you need to file a claim under your legal aid policy, please contact us directly. We will be able to advise you on the optimal way in which to file and handle your claim. We would also like to remind you that you must always arrange with your legal aid insurer when and if to engage external counsel. You can of course always call the legal aid helpline yourself directly. If you call direct, please make sure you have your policy number available and don’t forget to mention you obtained the insurance through our office.

Call DAS Legal Aid   020-6517517
Call Arag Legal Aid   033-4342350

What do we do with your personal data?

If you report damage to us, we will use the personal data you provide to us to process your request to handle the damage. We also use this personal data to contact you if necessary. We handle your information with great care. We also ask this from other parties with whom we have to share your data for our work.

We also report your personal data to the Central Information System Foundation (CIS). We may also request your data there. We also do this with the personal data of the other parties involved in the damage. The privacy regulations of the CIS Foundation apply here. For more information, visit www.stichtingcis.nl.

More information about how we handle your personal data can be found in our online Privacy Statement.