Hoe mogen we je helpen?


Buying a home is exciting and is often one of the biggest purchases of your life. That is why it's important to be well informed by a mortgage advisor. Can you afford it? What will your monthly payments be? Are you still unsure whether you want to rent or buy a new home? Or is there another reason to start a conversation with us about your mortgage.

For example, a renovation, lower monthly payments or are you in doubt about refinancing a mortgage? Or are you an expat who wants to buy a home abroad, where rules, laws and taxation are run differently. This can present even bigger challenges. 

You can contact us with all your questions and for independent advice from one of our Certified Mortgage Advisers. We are 100% independent and can contact almost any lender in the Netherlands. What this means for you? Always the best conditions and a favorable interest rate. Furthermore, because we are one of the larger financial service providers in the Netherlands, we also have good agreements with the various mortgage providers. This means that we have shorter lead times for a mortgage application.

When you are going to buy a home, there are enough things to consider. Let one of our experienced (recognized) mortgage advisors help you to find the best possible mortgage. Bedsides the mortgage, there may be other reasons to start a conversation with. We invite you to check the various insurance solutions in the top-menu.

We will also be happy to help you with the necessary clarity in this area. And of course an appointment is made in no time.
But it might be a good idea to watch this video first. It takes less than 4 minutes. And shows you very well which steps you still have to take, until you can receive the keys.