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About EVR

With over 88 years of experience and around 90 employees, Eijgendaal & van Romondt (hereinafter referred to as EVR) is committed to ensuring your financial security. We take your current and future income, assets and wealth, plans and wishes very seriously and strive to handle the matters you entrust to us as efficiently as possible.

Personal contact is paramount at Eijgendaal & van Romondt. You are not just a number in our records; you are a highly valued customer whom we are always accessible to. Whether it's for your insurance, pension, or mortgage needs, for reliable and independent advice, to handle your claims, or to provide prompt responses to your inquiries.

We are ready to personally meet you for further clarification. We would be happy to schedule an appointment to align your needs with our services.

This website provides general information about our products, services, and customer support. You can also directly purchase insurance policies. If you would like to know precisely how we can assist you, please contact us.

Strong position

Due to our size, we are a significant partner for insurers and lenders, which grants us even more opportunities to select products that best suit your needs on a completely independent basis. Our service does not end with the purchase of an insurance policy or mortgage; in fact, it begins there.

As financial advisors, we stand up for our clients. If you experience any damages, our claims department ensures minimal inconvenience for you. We handle the paperwork, negotiate with the insurer, and work diligently to expedite the payment of your claim. Please let me know if there's anything else I can help you with!

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