Hoe mogen we je helpen?

Making the difference

Many insurance brokers, if not all of them, promise excellent customer service – few of them keep their word.

At Eijgendaal & van Romondt (EvR), we'd like to make the difference by getting to know your personal situation and being there for you with our expert advice, whenever you need it. We seek to make insurance as easy as possible for you.

Our vast experience with international organisatons dates back to the 1930s, and has increased ever since. We meet with you in EPO, Europol, ICC and other organisations at least twice a week.

A thorough understanding of issues such as insurance of tax-free cars, domestic employees and certain specific legal issues gives us an edge over many other insurance providers.

We believe in insurance, not in over-insurance. Risks that you can bear yourself, the ones that do not have a substantial impact on your financial situation, should not necessarily be insured. Sometimes, insurance is simply not the answer! And at times, it is necessary.

When necessary, why not take out insurance with the most knowledgeable and committed insurance provider in The Hague and surroundings?

Please feel free to find out what EvR can do for you. You are welcome!