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CAR INSURANCE (Personenautoverzekering)


You bought your first car twenty years ago. You cherished it, lovingly cleaned it, maintained it and kept it in immaculate condition. To you, it is priceless and we understand why you would want it to be insured as best as possible in case something happens to it. Unfortunately, the law has other ideas on the matter. If an accident were to happen and cause that car, that is so precious to you, to be to declared total loss, the compensation you could receive from an insurer would be minimal. Despite the emotional value of the car, it would therefore be in your financial best interest to only take out the minimal “WA” (third party liability) cover for this car.

Your shiny brand new sports car is a different matter though: This car should have comprehensive cover from the moment it leaves the dealership to ensure you are protected from the costs of repairing any scratches, scrapes and dents that might occur.

Whichever kind of car you prefer, we will give you our professional advice regarding the insurance options. Which option you choose, is entirely up to you.