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What will the interest do?

Mortgage rates can change from day to day. But which way will that change go?
In other words, should you hurry with your quote request or do you still have plenty of time to think things through?

We would like to give you some more insight into this by means of the forecast below.



Above you see the general interest rate expectation for fixed 10-year mortgage rates. The number of the interest rate expectation indicates how much the interest rate has deviated from the capital market interest rate.

Capital market interest rate

As mentioned, the interest rate on the mortgage market partly depends on the development of the interest rate on the capital market. This is nicely illustrated in the graph below. The green line shows how capital market interest rates have developed over the past month and the red line shows how mortgage interest rates have responded.


What is the capital market rate?

Loans with a term of more than two years are traded on the capital market and the capital market interest rate is the interest rate that applies to these loans. Because lenders also obtain the money they provide on the capital market, the interest on the capital market is an important indicator of what the mortgage interest rate will do.



No rights can be derived from this expectation. You can include this expectation in your considerations when taking out a mortgage.