Hoe mogen we je helpen?

The policy of our company is focused on establishing long-term relationships with and serving the interests of our clients. To achieve this, it is essential that we have well-qualified and dedicated employees. Our remuneration policy is designed in a way that contributes to promoting, attracting, and retaining the right employees.

Furthermore, our remuneration policy is structured to enhance the attention to sustainability risks of investment products. We ensure that our employees are not incentivized by their compensation to treat clients carelessly. The remuneration of some of our employees includes a variable component. However, the amount of the variable portion of the remuneration is never a reason to recommend a specific quantity or type of financial products.

In the financial year 2022, a total of €83,716 was paid as variable remuneration.

The other provisions of Article 1:120 paragraph 2 of the Financial Supervision Act (Wft) do not apply to our company.